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"The film artfully laces together scenes of their training camps and interviews of what goes through their heads leading up to their fights. It’s similar to The Ultimate Fighter in that the audience gets a look into what it takes to be a fighter, but completely different in that we are looking through a little window into their everyday lives... This film shows us how the art of fighting Muay Thai has challenged and helped the hearts of these women grow. " - UFC & Invicta Fighter Roxanne Modafferi!,  MMASucka.com (June 23, 2015)

“Rugilo and her team provide a place for women to come, train and be simply fighters - not "women fighters." The film expertly follows their lead by making this a fight documentary, plain and simple. That's a genre that's still growing, and Girl Fight is a fantastic addition to the growing library of documentaries every fight fan needs to see.” - Fraser Coffeen, Bloody Elbow Film Review  (June 16, 2015)

Girl Fight Director and Executive Producer Matthew  Kaplowitz sits in with Chris Leben and Lori Miller on ESPN’s Unfiltered MMA Radio (June 15, 2015)

Check out this long form interview with Girl Fight Executive Producer and Director on Episode 64 of the Hiyaa Martial Arts Podcast (June 11, 2015)

“This film is a great look into a gym that is empowering young women and building their self esteem, confidence and strength through the martial art of Muay Thai. Girl Fight reminds you that while there are superstars like the UFC's Ronda Rousey who are paving the way for young women in martial arts, there are gyms like Girl Fight and instructors like Rugilo, who are putting them on that road and preparing them for the ride.” –Michael Stets, MMAMania.com  (May 31, 2015)

“Girl Fight” reminds us that Muay Thai has long been in the avant-garde for female fighters… “Girl Fight” takes the measure of our contemporary pulse… What comes across to me is not so much how Prairie is breaking new ground but rather how she’s so woven into the fabric of a typical community that’s a pretty good proxy for Main Street USA.”Muay Thaimes Magazine (May 31, 2015)

“Sometimes the best part of a fight is the story behind it, and [Matthew Kaplowitz] tells a good story.”Jim Genia, The MMA Journalist  (May 23, 2015)

"Girl Fight" creates a very natural connection between the life of the average person on the street and the person willing to put themselves through a fight camp and step in the ring. It's something often missing from projects focused on athletes working at the professional level as the sense of drive and self confidence possessed by most pros can make them somewhat alienating figures. This film is a look at what drives the average person into the gym and from the gym into the ring. It's not why the future stars fight, but why the rest of us do it.” – Zane Simon, Bloodyelbow.com  (May 21, 2015)

"Director Matthew Kaplowitz... records their ups and downs as they square off against athletes from other gyms. And it's kind of cool what's not in the movie. Kaplowitz doesn't seem to think there's anything odd about female athletes getting into a ring and trying to beat each other up... He just accepts that they are doing it, and gets down to the business at hand, which is showing how much hard work it takes to do what they do, and what it's like to be inside the gym or at a match with them." - Jay Lusting, NJArts.net (August 27, 2015)

“The Girl Fight gym, and the work that Prairie does serves as a great inspiration for the local ladies that have realized Muay Thai is for them too! The world needs more honest documentaries like this being made about the female fight scene.” - Rew Mitchell, AwakeningFighters.com (July 9, 2015)

"These are real, every day people who are right out there in our backyards... That’s what makes the daily life aspects of the film—the ones like the Sandy aftermath—that might not be directly related to kickboxing so relevant: People only know that participating in a fight gym like this is an option for the every day person if someone tells them so.... I’d absolutely recommend the film to anyone who has even a passing interest in competitive martial arts as a sport or hobby, or if you’ve got a little one at home—but not too little, this is a combat sport, after all—who could use some positive role models.” -  Dan Van Winkle, TheMarySue.com (June 29, 2015)

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Executive Producer, Director & Editor Matthew Kaplowitz

Producer Andrea Levine

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